Families And Teams At Whitman

by altardy on June 10, 2013

IMG_0011Greg (in the yellow shirt) not only ran the race pushing the stroller with Brynn and Sean, but was also a very thoughtful guy.  As he passed some of us out on the course he would take his spray bottle of water from the stroller and spray us while passing.  “Thank you”. 

He’s pictured with (l-r) Kristy and his wife Morgan.

IMG_0012Meredith and Cathy came with a team of 5 women to support the cause.  They finished ahead of their team mates and spent part of the time waiting for the rest the courseIMG_0010 in the beer line with me.    


This was a family effort as Faith with her kids Kaitlyn and Nicholas ran the race.  I’m not sure who came in ahead of whom, cause as long as their enjoying the day together, it doesn’t matter. As I said though it was a family effort. Dan, Faith’s husband, took the photo. 

There is one more entry along with a small request, so read it and lend a hand.

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