First Timers, Long Timers And An Excited Family

by altardy on October 21, 2013


Emily was the first person that I talked with as I arrived to the Paddy’s Race.  She was wearing her 2003 Boston Marathon Jacket and I was wearing my 2008.  Pictured here with Ross, Emily was telling me that her whole family has been a part of the marathon for years, both running and helping.  She has been helping for 18 years.  IMG_0007  

I met Casey and Jessica after the race while recarbing.  This was Casey’s first race ever and she beat the time she expected to run.  Congrats to both of you. Oh and to you Casey….”Welcome to our world”.IMG_0009   

Scott and Tricia told me of the great things that John and Carl (the owners of the pub) have done through the years for the community.  Tricia also told me of races in the area that peaked my interest and I will be looking into.IMG_0004  

I met Noah and Tim…well I guess you can tell by the sign behind us where we met.  Noah had taken the race day off but came out to cheer Tim on.  Which to me is a great thing. As you can tell  by their shirts, they have attended other races that finish with a similar after race gathering.IMG_0003  

This family was soo excited to have run together that I needed to get a picture with them.  Never got their names but it was fun to watch the magic of spending a family day together running.

Put this race in your schedule for next year.  It should be at the top of your “have to do” list.  It’s fun, exciting and just a great place to spend the day.  “GREAT JOB TO JOHN, CARL AND THE TEAM THAT PUT THIS RACE ON”.

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