They Have The Signs And The Ingredients

by altardy on October 21, 2013


Sunday October 20th I was headed to 75 Elm St. in West Newton.  I was coming back to……IMG_0001  

Paddy’s Pub because I could remember having run this race 3-4 years ago and really enjoyed myself. 

I also remembered that the whole day had a special feel to it.  When I go to races, as anyone who have been reading my entries know, I always arrive 2 hours early.  Usually when I arrive there are just bunches of scurrying organizers and other people helping put the day together.  But upon approaching this race area last time I remembered that there were lots of people there early.  And sure enough…..IMG_0006  

this was the crowd that was already there.  As a race organizer, I look for signs that show me a race is a great race.  And crowds this early is one of those signs.

Another HUGE sign was that 3-4 years ago, when I was here last, they had about 1100-1200 runners and walkers.  This year ended up bringing a record 2,172 participants.  Just enormous growth.  

The funds raised go to the Newton Special Olympics and there are tons of events for the kids during the day.  The entire town embraces the event.  But still there has to be another special ingredient to a great race….   



and here they are.  John and Carl are the owners of Paddy’s Pub.  You can tell in talking with them that they just love giving back to their community.  Along with their families, they put in countless hours  for months preparing for this event.  Even in the middle of the chaotic day they always had a smile.  They truly are great people to have met and are the magic ingredient that makes this day so special.

I have two more entries for you with pictures and short stories. So check them out and meet some of the people who came to this great event.

You can email me through my personal email or you can leave me a comment or you can email me through this site.  Would love to hear from you.

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