Jingle Bell Pub Run 2013 In Holyoke

by altardy on December 16, 2013


Brennan’s in Holyoke once again hosted the 2013 Jingle Bell Pub Run.  We started and finished here and had an amazing day of running,  loading, watching the football game at each stop, and getting to spend a great and glorious day with old and (soon to be) new friends.IMG_0013  Even with six inches of snow the night before, this event was going to happen.   

I had my bells on and was ready to go.  Many people came more festively dressed and you will get to see them in the entries that follow.    



So, with a few tips from the main organizers, who do a great job every year……..IMG_0011

we were off.  There are about 20 pictures from the day in 5 short entries, so check them all out.

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