Freedom Run 2014—Cambridge, Ma.

by altardy on June 2, 2014


The flag was flying, the sky was clear, bright and blue as could be,IMG_0002  

the fountain was gushing and the boats were floating  on June 1st in Cambridge.IMG_0004  

I had come for my first ever “Freedom Run” here. I had come to see why a thousand plus people would go to a race on the first Sunday in June. 

If you take a real close look at this picture–which was taken post race–you might get a clue. 

An awesome race, an awesome day and many, many AWESOME people came that day.  Read about the festivities and all that transpired that super, super time in the 5 more entries after this one.  You’ll understand and join us next year.

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It was great meeting you at the race! (You took a photo with my friends and I all dressed up in American flag gear). Hope to see you at another race!


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