by altardy on June 9, 2014


Stephanie has a special place in my heart.  Several years ago my daughter and I met in Worcester. It was my daughter’s first ever race.  We randomly met prior to the race, along with Stephanie’s husband and some of her friends. It turned out to be Stephanie’s first race ever also. 

All my words of encouragement to my daughter were somewhat in vain.  With my backround in the running world, my thoughts were not being accepted as from someone who really understood her feelings. 

After ten minutes of exchanging “new runner” fears and anxieties with Steph, my daughter was ready to step to the starting line. And at the end of the race we all shared experiences.  Stephanie and her friends made the day the great time that it turned out to be.  AND…AND…Stephanie ran her first marathon a month ago.  “Congtrats to you. I’m so proud of you.  And thanks again from my daughter and myself”.     IMG

 This was a great group of runners.  (l-r) Nicole, John, 5k Pete, Stephanie, myself and Jenn.  These folks are part of a running club that Stephanie belongs to and she sings their praises.IMG_0006 

I know, I know..Stepanie again.  She is such a great friend and intruduces me to all her running buddies. Here, eating ice cream and sucking down bottles of water are: Steph, myself, Molly, Karen and Carol.  I met Carol last year at a Worcester race, which at the time was only her second race ever.  IMG_0004    

Standing in one of the food lines with me are Danette and Robin.  

There was food of all kinds everywhere. 

There are 2 more entries after this one. the last of which is a tribute.  So read on..

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