Brennan’s Place December 21, 2014

by altardy on December 23, 2014


Brennan’s, High St. in Holyoke,  was the place to be on December 21st.  It was the start and finish point for the annual Jingle Pub Run. 

A growing group of people meet here and start a 4 hour “tour” of the town–one pub at a time:=). IMG_0011 

Each year the group gets larger and larger.  And this year was no exception.IMG_0010  

46 of us made our way this year.  We started the carbo loading early, as any runner knows is an important nutritional thing,


which made our holiday tour another one to remember.  There are 4 more entries with a BUNCH of photos to help you come along on this years journey.  So, check them out and come be part of this next year.  


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