The Journey Continues-March 21, 2015-St. Patty’s Road Race-Holyoke, Mass.

by altardy on March 24, 2015


That’s right, it was time to put on the 40th annual St. Patty’s Day Road Race.  The tent was up.  But it was still early when I took these pictures. And…IMG_0015     

at that time the streets were pretty quiet…IMG_0013   

Barriers were going up, the starting line area was taking shape…IMG_0042  

the staging was being constructed, along with the tremendously important abundance of porta-potties.  And for those that completed the course….IMG_0023 

the final water for the finshers was starting to get ready.

Less than 5 hours from when I took these photos, there would be almost 7500 runners and walkers,  25,000 spectators and hundreds of volunteers all right in these very areas.  All because of a little race that started 40 years ago (almost to the day), with less than 180 runners.  The roads were not closed back then and the runners took there lives into their own hands as they navigated the course.   Read the next 11 entries and see what has happened since those pioneers started this city on this journey. 

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I was at this race too! What a painful bit of fun!


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