The Quiet Before The Fun

by altardy on May 25, 2015


Chris is one of the family members that owns The Hyland Orchard And Rapscallion Brewery.  Just a great guy and super host to the event.  He shared with me some of the history of the farm, the land and the business.  As a small business owner myself, doing well takes alot of hard work and dedication to what you are doing.  But, the best business is one where you love what you do…..and I could tell that Chris loves what him and his family are doing.  IMG_0001  

They are also tremendous supporters of different charities and causes.  This year is the 10th annual BB5k to support the Jennifer Linscott Tietgen Family Foundation.  The monies raised go to support melanoma research and education.  The first picture I took, which was 2 1/2 hours before the race began, was the quiet before the wonderful festivities began.   Check out the 4 entries following this one and see what a great day it was.  Also, do yourself a big favor, check out this amazing place and all that takes place here at and support this wonderful business.

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