My Tribute To Those That Put The Day On

by altardy on August 9, 2015


If you’ve been reading my blog for and length of time you know that I like to give credit to some of the people that make the day possible.  Without volunteers and organizers we would have no places to go.

This is Chris.  I, as always, arrived early.  After just a short conversation with Chris I knew all the details I needed to be ready for the day from the beginning to the end.IMG_0002 

These were the volunteers taking charge of the registration/bib numbers and many other aspects of helping the runners start the day.IMG_0003 

And this is the important group that gave out the wrist bands that allowed you to enter the gates to the flowing carbs after running.

As a person that helps organize 8 different races, I can speak from the heart when I tell you that these folks are truly, truly appreciated.

There are 2 more entries with pictures of some of the runners from that day.  And, I also explain why there are not more pictures.  So read on…

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