Here’s The Core

by altardy on October 25, 2015


Fred Gore is a great, great friend of mine.  He is also the owner of The Toasted Owl Tavern on Main Street in Northampton. 

Six years ago he asked if I would like to help him start a fund raising road race/walk to help raise money for charities. I agreed to help and asked him when he would like to have it happen.  He picked up his phone, looked at the calender and said….”how about Holloween?”.

 YEP that was the heavy duty thinking that went into the race that has had hundreds and hundreds of runners and raised tens of thousands of dollars for chatity over the last 6 years.IMG_0015 

Two years ago Mellisa, who is a manage at the Toasted Owl, found the Dakin Association as our newest charity.  It has turned out to be a home run of a partnership. 

Mellisa has worked hard at this event and has been a HUGE factor in the success of the race.  Last year was the first year working with Dakin and we raised $10,000. 

Interesting what a casual starting conversation combined with hard work from 3 committed people can accomplish.

Check out the 4 entries I have from this years race and see pictures of part of the great crowd that came this year. 



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