Jingle Pub Run-Holyoke 2015

by altardy on February 24, 2016


December 13th was the annual Jingle  Pub Run in Holyoke which starts with putting bells on your shoes-or where ever-and we jingle our way around the streets.

But, before I put in groups of photos, I have a couple with a couple words of thanks.IMG_0006

First is a “Thanks” to Marty who has organized this run for many years.

Being an organizer myself, I know that someone has to do all the work so eberyone can just show up and have a good time.  And she is the one who takes on the responsibility.  “Thanks”IMG_0015

Next is Rob who leads the pack of runners through the streets, keeping everyone moving and safe.IMG_0005 “Thank You”.

And then Grant (sorry I once again forgot his wife’s name).  I was just going to take some pictures and not write it up on my blog.

But, he kept talking about my site and how I put pictures of eveyone on it.  Just hearing his excitement got my excitement up to do it.  “Thanks”.


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This was a fun jaunt. Always a highlight for the year.


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