Some Of The Many, Many, Many People That Make This Race Happen

by altardy on March 21, 2016

It takes an emormous number of people to put on a running event like Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day Race.  And, it would be impossible to put all of their pictures on this site.  So, I’m going to introduce you to just a few.IMG_0011  

Brian, who along with Jim Wildman, co-chair the race committee.  He has been a great friend for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge with him. 

His expertise in all areas of the running is one of the main keys to the  success of this race.IMG_0008  

D J and his daughter Bridget took on the daunting task of being volunteer coordinators for the event. This includes the hundreds of people in the registration tent and out on the 6.2 mile course that travels through one of the biggest cities in Mass.  IMG_0022  

Brenna has been a great combination of enthusiasm. ideas and energy since coming onto the committee.  Her husband Nolan (l) and son Brogan, along with friend Joe and members of the Wormtown Milers running club, took charge of distributing 7,000 shirts to the runners and walkers. IMG_0021  

Johnny D once again was one of those people that is everywhere doing everything to help the day come together.IMG_0020 

Sue has been a blessing in everyone’s life, bringing that “get it done” attitude to both race and parade day.  And she always does it with a smile. IMG_0024 

And a tradition of having a picture of myself with sisters Haley and Brynn has carried on now for my 5 years on the committee.  It’s always a pleasure working with these folks. 

Okay, enough about the volunteers and sponsors.  If you check out the next 3 entries you will see some of the people that came to enjoy the day and run in such a great race—and, yeah there might be a couple more volunteers mixed in while enjoying the rewards with the runners.

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