Daughter And Best Friend

by altardy on September 2, 2009

It’s time you met my best friend and biggest supporter, who just happens to be my daughter, too. Michelle has been a national caliber dancer, a gymnast and a cheerleader. She is tremendously intelligent and beautiful all wrapped into a 5′ 3” woman with a heart that is bigger then her physical being. She is pictured with me and our American made sports cars (sorry all you foreign car buffs) and also in one of her Boston Celtic Dancer outfits. It’s the real deal, too, as she was selected to dance on the Celtic Dance squad the first 2 years of it’s existence. She, along with her boyfriend, Peter, have come to the rescue and are building this website. She and I share in some of your typical hobbies–Bungi jumping and target pistol shooting!!! I’ll bet you thought I was going to say jogging. Running is a hobby that she has very recently started doing, so that will be something we do together soon. We talk all the time and are always encouraging each other in whatever we are doing. She has seen me cry behind closed doors. She has heard me reach points of self doubt–listened to my crap talk–and then put me back on track. I feel she could tell you I’ve done the same for her. I’ve always been a VERY protective father and I’m not ashamed to tell you that loud and clear. At the same time I encourage her to push on in her life and to always try to become better. I could go on forever being the proud dad that I am, but, you’ll hear alot more about her as the running project progresses.

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