Yes You Can

by altardy on September 3, 2009

In case you think I’m a trust fund baby or some guy that “hit it big” in the market or some lottery, I’m going to set you straight. I own a small house painting business and just like you I work every day. We are trying to stress that the “average Al” can step out and do great things for others. The 2 pictures you have here are me with the crew at work. We sound like a bunch of “in prov” comedians all day long. We cut each other up all day long. It’s like a rolling comedy show and is how we get through the day. The “line up” or group of us are on a porch that we were painting. Left to right are: myself, Michael, Anthony, Brian, and Bob(puji). We are from diverse back rounds, but, get along and work together well. The other photo is a ladder that is set on a 3rd floor roof and leans up against another small roof which puts total height at about 50 feet. If you think I don’t actually work everyday and I leave the crew to go train–look closely at the highest point at the top of the ladder–that person you can just make out is me. Don’t tell me you can’t be living an “average” life and still step out from the norm to do great things. Dream-Decide-Do

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