The Magic In Walpole

by altardy on September 10, 2009

September 7th. Walpole Ma.. I had never been to Walpole (as is the case with most of the places I run). As soon as I got out of the car it just felt like it was going to be a great day. I arrived my normal 1 1/2 hours early and there was already great music filling the air. The crowd was just beginning to arrive but the tents, the blue sky, the music and what just seemed to be a nice setting. I was initially greeted by the high school’s cross country coach Tim (in the Celtic jersey) as he asked me if I happened to be one of the parents of a team member. Now as you have already, or will soon, realized I still think I’m in my teens or at most in my 20’s. Even with this instant blow to my ego I decided it was still going to be a great day. This is the only fund raiser the school has, he told me, so everyone was hoping the nice day would bring the people–and it did. With both a 5k and a 10k available the race brought over 600 participants. I believe it was their most ever. Then I met Debra. She was running only her 2nd race ever. Her husband is more of a half and full marathon runner. When I asked if he was here to watch I was told he was home taking care of 2 of their 4 kids. This woman looked like she had never even had children never mind 4. She had a great attitude and was not only nice to talk to but fun to cheer on both during and at the end of the race. Congrats to her I hope this is the beginning to many, many more races. She is pictured here with 2 of her children, Neave and Keris. THEN THERE WERE THE STROLLERS. Now I don’t say this in a negative way what so ever. I have enough to concentrate on just getting my 160# bod from the starting line to the finish line, never mind pushing 30-80#s. Some of these strollers have 2 kids in them. I just marvel at these people as they run the races. Of course I think up excuses for my running poorly when some of them fly by me. “I’ll bet they somehow pick up their feet and roll down the hills” or ” The wheels are so big on those things it must aid in the running” were some of the stupid things I thought when I first saw these things blow by me. But, all ego aside, I admit I would not want to try to push one of those things around a course of any distance. And the people willing to take their kids with them should be given a pat on the back for being in the shape to push them and to get the kids involved at such early stages in their lives. If you look closely in the picture there are 6 of those high tech sets of wheels fresh from the finish line. The great day I felt this was going to be turned out to exceed my expectations. Nice race for you to check into next year. And “thanks for a race well done” goes to the organisers and the volunteers.

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