Meeting The Hoyt’s

by altardy on September 15, 2009

To just tremendously round out a perfect day all of us were able to be around Dick Hoyt and his son Rich. If you are even dabbling in the world of running you would know that Dick for decades has competed in races, from short runs to triathlons, while pushing or pulling his son with him. For any runner new or veteran you realize how inspirational they have been. I believe Dick has now been inducted into the Iron Man Hall Of Fame for his tremendous accomplishments. He is also a humble and easy going guy. I may hold a world record for a trans-continental run, but, my accomplishment is not anywhere near his. I performed for 3 months. Dick has performed at this level for decades. Although to Dick and Rich this might have been just another picture (especially for those at their first ever race) every one’s day was made just that much more wonderful. Pictured are (l-r) Jamie, Becky, Marian, myself, Dick, Stephanie, Michelle, and Rich in front. Again ‘Thanks” to the Canal Diggers race many new lives were touched in many special ways. Also you would be inspired if you look into the Hoyt Team.

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