Events And Volunteers–Volunteers And Events

by altardy on September 27, 2009

As you know I like to give credit to the volunteers that help put on events. They give of themselves and expect nothing in return. I was at a walk for Autism Speaks recently. I got there early on a COOL damp morning and sitting at a table in the middle of a large field I found Kiera and Elissa. Since I had a lot of questions about Autism and who was organizing this event, I decided to head for their table. There was no other people at their table so I figured I could offer a bit of company and I wouldn’t have to wait in some of the lines that seemed to be at many of the other tables. It turned out that they are both runners and they seemed to have the answers to all the questions I asked. They were also able to point out the people I needed to talk to after them and I was able to collect tons of info in a short amount of time because of them.

This proves once again that volunteers are what makes events like this work. Thank them for their efforts when you can and start realizing that your time at an event day happens only because of the efforts of people like Kiera and Elissa.

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