Heroes To The Rescue

by altardy on September 28, 2009

I want you to met some of the real heroes that are doing great things behind the scenes. In the picture on the left, I am with my daughter, Michelle, and Peter. When I had to let go my original web designer I was left with a major void in the organising of the Alaska-Florida undertaking. How was I going to tell the world about the run online if my technology skills-well for lack of a better term- don’t exist. Michelle and Peter came to the rescue.
Except for the entries in this blog everything that has been created and put on this website has been done by them. It’s a great team, too. Peter creates different parts of the site and explains them to me. I then turn to my daughter, who has also created parts of the site, and I say “This is great. Later on could you tell me exactly how this works?”. I am clueless about the things that go into a site and she has a way to talk at that level to me. Once I really understand it, I realise what great things Peter is doing.
Lynda was an unexpected hero from early in the training stages for this run. I developed a hamstring situation that went on for a few months before Fred Wellman, my chiropractor, finally figured out what all those highly educated doctors could only keep guessing about.

One of my trainers recommended I seek out some deep tissue massage. I asked at the gym (NAC) for some direction in whom I should contact for massage. Stay In Touch was recommended (http://www.stayintouchcenter.com/) and they set me up an appointment with Lynda. What I liked right at the start was that Lynda listened. She not only listened, but, took a real interest in what was going on with me and my endeavor.

I can honestly say that while I was injured she was the only one that kept me on the roads. She explained some of the discomfort that might come with deep tissue massage as the eventual healing process unfolded so that I could understand what she was trying to do. She also knew, as I was talking during the massage, when I was spouting off about things and to just let me vent, and when to offer up thoughts and opinions. You could say that she offered me massage therapy for my body and conversation therapy for my head.

You will see and hear more about these three heroes as the training and carrying out of my next run progresses. Without them my online and physical health would both be hurting.

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