She Kicked My Butt

by altardy on September 28, 2009

I ran the CVSCaremark5k in Providence, R.I. a couple weekends ago. Over 8000 runners were there on what turned into a beautiful day to race. One of the first people I met on my way to register was Michael. He looked like someone I had met at another race and that’s how we started our conversation. Turns out I was wrong, but, I made a new friend and to me that’s what these race things are all about.

We had our photo taken and I realised after getting the picture developed what a unique shot it was. If you look (and it doesn’t have to be closely) we have the port-a-potties to YOUR right and an ambulance to your left. Although I knew I was going to need the port-a-potties I was hoping not to need the ambulance.

Tracey was the main reason I ventured down to my 2nd CVSCaremark. In an earlier entry into the blog I talked about this race from last year. One of the things I mentioned was that I came out on the results sheets as “unknown runner”. I met Tracey because we realised we were both listed as “unknown runners”. We searched out how to get that corrected. Tracey got the change made for herself and I left myself as the “unknown runner”.

Since then Tracey has been doing triathlons along with road races. And I headed to Providence looking forward to meeting her again. We met on the State House stairs and ran the race together. Well, until she shifted gears and beat me by over a minute.

After munching on some of the tons of food that the race provides, we went to see if we came up as real runners this time. Then we headed to a restaurant/sports bar and watched the New England Patriots on TV while learning of each others athletic ventures. And, of course, we did replenish some of the carbs that the race had used up.

The day was perfect. I met new friends, ran a race, watched a football game, drank a couple glasses of carbs, and hung out with a great lady.

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