We’re Trying And You Have A Voice

by altardy on September 29, 2009

In case you have been wondering why there has been no mention of what charity is going to be the beneficiary of the up coming run—here’s some info. Over the last 1 1/2 years I’ve talked with, been approached by, tried to talk to no less than 8-10 possible charities. With trying to plan an event of this magnitude and with all the twists and turns of how charities are set up (most of which the average on looker is never aware of) things are not as cut and dry as you might think. Two weeks ago, from the writing of this entry, I did make the decision that I wanted to raise monies for 2 charities and not just 1. I feel that the potential donations should be large enough to greatly benefit 2 deserving worthy groups. Pictured with me are Nancy and David who are two of the folks trying to help people with Autism and their families in my local area. Where will our discussions lead? Even we are not sure at this point, but, we are trying to find a way to make what I want to do touch the people and their families dealing with living with Autism. There are no guarantees even when talking is going on—but we’re trying. I will try to keep the people reading these entries up to date with any movement. YOU–THAT’S RIGHT YOU–ARE ENCOURAGED TO SPEAK UP….. Text or email your suggestions, thoughts, ideas. Don’t be shy or lazy– let me hear you

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