by altardy on October 9, 2009

Even though we are promoting me as “Average AL” I never said I was normal. I have told my daughter many times that “normal” is boring. Ask any normal person “how’s life?” and the answer you get will prove me right. The pictures you see are my daughter and I bungi jumping in Normandy, France. Height- 205 feet. HER FIRST JUMP. The saying is from the back of the shirts that her and I wear.
Why am I showing this??? Am I saying you should be crazy like you now probably think we are? No. We all have self imposed edges. I’m saying step off some of your edges. Throw yourself into a new world somewhere in your life. Although stepping off the edge of a platform 200 feet up didn’t help anyone, stepping off the edge in the running world has and will help thousands. You have the power to do what ever you want, if you will step off the “normal” edge. Go do something different. Go use you talents- no matter how great (or average) they may be- and stretch yourself.
Do “something” with what you’ve got and go help others if you really want to feel good about yourself. Come join our team if you can’t think of something you want to do on your own. I PROMISE YOU WON’T HAVE TO BUNGI JUMP… Use what you’ve got and use it for good.
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