by altardy on October 11, 2009

What a great day October 4th turned out to be. As you know, if you’ve been following my blog, we are working to make Autism one of the two charities I will be raising money for while I’m running from Alaska to Florida. As talks with a local support office for people with Autism have started, it just happened to also be the time of the year for the Flutie 5k in Natick, MA.. PERFECT TIMING. So off to Natick I went.
It was a beautiful sunny day and the runners started turning out early. Due to a call from my local Autism support office to Doug Flutie’s organizer, Lisa, I was expected and that allowed us to swap information early and let them get to putting on the race. I’ve yet to check the final count, but, I believe around 800 people came to enjoy the day.
I had so many great pictures from the day you are reading this entry after seeing those pictures in the previous entry. The pictures here are me with Rich, Lisa, and Lisa. They worked hard to put together this race and it showed in the way the whole day went. The runners and walkers were able to enjoy their run/walk, fill up on the great food, watch the many awards winners and spend an afternoon hanging out with a football legend, Doug Flutie.
And what a great guy Doug is. He ran the race, and did quite well I might add. After the race he hung out with everyone accommodating photos, as you can see I was one of those people looking for a photo, talked with everyone, handed out awards, and helped make the day special for everyone. And when I say everyone I mean everyone. I watched Doug go over and personally thank the people that were working the food and beverage booths as well as many of the other volunteers that helped that day. To me this shows him to be a great man who is also humble and appreciative of those around him.
“THANK YOU” Doug, Lisa, Lisa, and Rich for such a great day. And, to you reading this take some time to check out the Flutie Foundation @ www.flutiefoundation.org .

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