The First Vote Of Confidence

by altardy on October 21, 2009

Joe’s Cafe is a place you will be hearing more about as the time gets closer for the beginning of my next run. It is truly a place of great food, great people and great friends. Two of the first people hearing about my run and stepping to the plate to help were Gus and Frank.

Even before support teams and national organizers and charities were coming together, these two friends put the first vote of confidence in my corner. One of the biggest obstacles the journey and fund raising endeavor was going to face would be enough people to drive the motor home. Helping guide the project and me through miles of roads, cities, weather, media and many other things will be vital to the events success. Gus and Frank believing in me and wanting to be as big of a help as possible stepped up and not only volunteered to drive the motor home, but, starting at the very beginning–Alaska. Their beginning stretch will help set the stage for the rest of the trip. Getting a grip on what is expected from me and the folks that will join me all along the way will more than likely start from the first couple weeks of us being on the road. They truly were the beginning of the team you will be hearing more about as the start nears.

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