Their Stories = My Day

by altardy on October 21, 2009

Here are some additional pictures from the Gregory E. Reeves Memorial Scholarship Run. Skip(#55) and I met both before the race and then again afterwards and shared stories about the day and each other’s running back rounds. Skip also had described the course to me prior to the race, which is always very helpful. Then I caught back up to Carl and Tom (leaders of the ROTC) group from WPI. Of course I’m not showing you the empty plates of food that were in front of me. It’s always great to find out people’s back rounds leading them up to the day you meet them at the races. Cynthia, Cindy and Holly are friends that have started running races together. I saw them before the race and then watched as they waited for each other to finish and congratulated each other for their accomplishment. Friendships and camaraderie –that’s what it’s all about. And Cindy as you can see, after taking up running only 6 months ago, was able to capture a 1st place in her age division—Congrats. The group picture has stories within the picture. (L to R) Drew, Jake, Bill IV are team mates in high school and I believe they each took home awards. Then next to me is Bill III. He started Bill IV on a shaky beginning to his running career. I will not share the details in this entry, but, dad reached a point that his son was told to “get to it or get out”. The son now kicks dad’s butt on the courses. I guess a challenge to someone who has “winner” inside of him brings that winner out.
It’s the people that make each of these race days a great memory. They are the reason I go. I don’t look to make race day -my day. I look to go and make THEIR stories my day and maybe become one of the stories they share with people at the next race.

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