Birthday Miles And Carbs

by altardy on December 21, 2009

In case you wonder what someone who is training to run across the continent does on his birthday–here’s the scoop. Since my birthday is in December the weather plays a bit of a factor in my running plans on my birthday.

I normally run the distance of a marathon just to prove to myself I still can. This year I bent my own rules a bit. I ran a minimum of a half marathon for 3 days in a row with 14.8 on my actual birthday. Total for the 3 days was 40.3 and included a local road race. The main reason I stopped, due to the weather, many of the miles were on treadmills and cross trainers so it became really boring.

Of course on my birthday I also made sure I had sufficient carbs in my system and tipped a couple glass fulls of them with friends. Just happened to have the camera in the jeep so I got a picture from the evening. Chris, Mickey and Trevor are here with me to make sure my mission was accomplished.

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