More Hot Chocolate

by altardy on December 21, 2009

Here are more pictures from the December 5th, Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton,Ma.. Top picture is a group of runners from the Northampton Fire Dept. Next picture is me with a real great friend, Pat, that I didn’t know was a runner. I find running races locally on occasion brings unexpected good times with old friends.
Third picture is with Peggy. I didn’t know Peggy, but, I figured hanging out with one of Santa’s helpers MMMIIIGGGHHHTTT score me some points when it comes to the “gift” list. And the 4th pic is of Andrew, on the left, Dave and myself. I just couldn’t let this opportunity go by. You probably thing I’m talking about the red spiked hair, don’t you? Nope. If you put me and Dave together you would get a full head of hair.
All-in-all the day was great. 4000 runners, and hot chocolate.

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