Don’t Let The Empty Hands Fool You

by altardy on March 24, 2010

More photos from the St. Patty’s Race in Holyoke, Ma. show a mix of runners and non-runners. How can you tell the difference? All the ones without beer in their hands did NOT run. Surprised?? The ones with beer had recently finished the race and were replenishing their carbs and ramping back up. The ones without beer had gotten to the beer much earlier and were ramping down hoping to make it to their finish line, otherwise known as the end of the day—still standing.
An interesting story with Nate (black shirt with red lettering) is that we are at a restaurant in a town 5 miles from the race. As I walked into the restaurant, still in my running atire, he asked if I had run the race and running, once again, proved to be common ground that helped start a new friendship. As I am writing this entry I am drawing a blank on the other 2 runners first names. I will look back in my own blog soon because we met at the Turkey Trot 6 miler in Holyoke around Thanksgiving. And/or if you are new to my site you, could go back a few months in this blog and you could not only find their names, but, see what else you haven’t seen or read yet.

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