Yellow Shirts And Happy People

by altardy on March 24, 2010

I like to do entries that talk about the volunteers that help greatly in putting a road race on. When I saw the large group of people in yellow shirts (and there were many more not pictured) I thought I was getting a photo of a brunch of volunteers. What was I thinking!!! This is the St. Patty’s Road Race in a very Irish city. These yellow clad folks, 40 plus over all, were wearing the same yellow shirts because they were representing one of the local Irish Taverns. I guess I’ll just have to keep running this race, observing, and carbo loading until I get it right.

A great part of running in a local race is getting to spend time with friends. Number 1430 is Dave Sullivan. Dave was one of the first people I was introduced to 6 years ago when I ran this race for the first time. He is a happy, friendly and out going guy that makes you feel like you’ve known each other forever and is always a pleasure to see again at the race each year.
Norm is a great friend. He also is a Benjamin Moore Paint sales representative. I have a painting business and see Norm on a professional level, too. On both a personal and a business level I know Norm to be an honest, sincere guy who puts himself out to help others first. He is also one of those humble runners who kicks your butt in a road race and still tries to make you feel great about your running times. He felt a bit down because he had hoped to do slightly better in the race. But because his time was 15 or so minutes faster than mine I’m afraid I wasn’t showing him much pity. Great guy–Great friend.
Then there was Lee and company. Lee (top row left) and Craig (top row right) are 2 guys that I met many times last year at races. They didn’t run the St. Patty’s Race that day. Thank God–or there would have been 2 more people finishing in front of me. In stead they were there to enjoy the kids events with his wife, Karla, daughter, Kaitlyn (bottom left) and her friends, Lee and Karla. At 70 plus degrees in the middle of March, in New England, I think everyone had fun running or not. I’m sure I will see Lee and Craig at races to come soon.
It was a great day with great weather and every one’s spirits were happy and alive.

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