1st Annual Draws Over 300 For The Cause

by altardy on April 13, 2010

These pics were taken at the race part of the Barbecue and 5k for Autism on April 11. Pictured with me are Erin, who with her husband Richard own the Romaine’s Restaurant and put on the event, and Bonny, who was co-ordinating many things at both the race site and the bbq site after the race.
Sira was not only doing photography for the race and bbq, but, was a wealth of knowledge and with her great personality was a pleasure to hang out with and talk to.
Then there was PJ…As many of you runners know during the running of a road race you will many times focus on different people running near you. This can be for many reasons. To help pace yourself, to have someone to talk with, or someone you have picked out knowing you are gearing up to make sure they are behind you when you finish. I was two out of three of those people for PJ. And, in case you haven’t figured it out, we didn’t talk during the race.
I was floating along feeling pretty good about my run, when I hear someone coming up beside me. Yep…PJ. He moved a bit past me on a down hill (usually my strong point) and then I past him on the next up hill. This went on for over half the race until we were just under a half mile from the finish line. At that point PJ turned on his jets and left me in the dust. After the race we got together, as you can see in the remaining picture, and I found out this was his first race and he had bought his first pair of real running shoes the week of the race. I promised him I would tell all of you that he kicked my butt in his first race and now you know.
PJ and I are pictured with new and old friends that met at the race. (left to right) Craig, Barbara, Sheila, myself, Elizabeth (“E”) and PJ. I am just realizing while writing this entry that I never inquired if any of the others had been beaten by PJ. I must have been too busy licking my wounds and looking forward to drowning my sorrows in a glass of carbs at the bbq later. All kidding aside–Great start PJ.
All in all 300 people showed up to this 1st annual 5k which was a great start and a great boost to the funds that the Romaines raised for the fight against Autism.

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