Blue Sky And A Standing "O"

by altardy on April 13, 2010

What a day for the entire family at the April 11 Barbecue and 5k race in Northborough, Ma.. These are pictures of only some of the things going on at Romaine’s Restaurant, at 299 W. Main St. after the road race. The big cookers were cooking up enormous quantities of the best foods in the northeast. A wide array of melt in your mouth delicious foods were put out for the runners and their friends and family. Along with great live music by “Changes In Latitude” there was face painting, free ice cream and cotton candy and it was all presented to you under the a blue sky. It was a WONDERFUL event for everyone. Richard, Erin, Bonny, Sira and all the other hard working volunteers deserve a “Standing O” for their efforts not only to raise funds for Autism, but also to put on a fantastic event for the entire family.

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