Running And Barbecue–A Great Combination

by altardy on April 13, 2010

Here are some of the pictures from a GREAT event in Northborough, Ma. on April 11th. It was a 5k road race followed by an amazing barbecue and family day. Richard Romaine (pictured by the cooker with Bonny) and his wife Erin (pictured with me and Bonny) put the entire event on to raise money for the fight against Autism. Richard and Erin own “Romaine’s Wood Grill And Bar” at 299 W. Main St. in Northborough, Ma. Their 1st annual 5k race drew 300 participants and was held at a local school. It was a perfect day for the race and every one’s spirits were high.
The theme for the event was –Run-Grill-Chill– and they gave you everything you needed to do all three. Sira was everywhere taking pictures, the bounce houses were full of kids and bouncing all day, glasses of “carbs” were available for recoop, the food was some of the best you ever tasted and as much as you could consume, the weather was fantastic, live music–NEED I CONTINUE??? IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE IT YOU NEED TO PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDER AS A “GOT TO BE THERE” FOR NEXT YEAR.
This was a great day, put on by a great group of people, for a great cause. “THANK YOU” to Rich, Erin, Bonny, Sira and all those whose efforts created a wonderful experience for all.
This was such a good day that there are 2 more entries about the event and the day, so check out the entries that follow this one to get more of the story.

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