Some "All American Hero’s"

by altardy on July 17, 2010

Pictured here amongst other people are 3 true “All American Hero’s”. In the green shirt is Sean “Swaz”(along with Steve and a couple very pretty visitors to the farm). I’m with Chris “Swaz”and driving the cart is one of the 4 Szawlowski brothers that over the last decades worked hard to create a business that has proved itself to be a giant in it’s own right.
Why do I call them American Hero’s? Because they are up at 3 or 4 o’clock every morning and are hard at work long before most of the rest of us have gotten past hitting the snooze button for the 2nd time. And what are they doing? They are busting their butts, putting in loooonnnngggg hours so you and I can eat. Yeah they have made a good living from what they do…but they have earned it.

I grew up working on local farms. I’ve worked in the sun on 100 degree days, and been hit in the face by dirt whipped up by wind coming across open fields. They deal with it everyday because that’s what they do. And, while you are griping to your friends at work about your boss making you work and extra hour or two, the farmers of this country are into their 12th hour of the day hoping to get finished before sun down.

There were many more members of the Szawlowski family at the celebration. The 3 here were the only 3 I caught on film, but, my hats off to all of them and to all the farmers across this nation. Think of this. Without their hard work, the next time you went to the grocery store it would be empty.

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