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by altardy on July 17, 2010

Why am I doing a story about a potato farm on my running website? Because it needs to be told. I grew up and still live in a farming area. When some “tech” company reaches their 10th or 20th anniversary they want to shout about it to the world. Well, this potato farm, which is owned and operated by friends of mine hit their 100th anniversary. And, since people from all over this country are now reading the entries I put in this blog section of the website, I’m going to shout about it for them.

One of the hardest working groups of people, that get the least recognition, are the people that feed us. And in this day and age where most your farming is done on farms owned by huge companies, or out of the country, what an amazing accomplishment it is to have one of our local farms succeeding.

How did they celebrate their 100th anniversary? By throwing a party and inviting the whole town and many friends from outside their town. There were bounce houses for the kids along with a petting zoo and food and refreshments for all that came. There was a parade with all sorts of farming machinery and live music all day.

The day was beautiful and the atmosphere was all about friends getting together to celebrate another friend’s success. The whole Szawlowski family are as easy going and down to earth as anybody you’ll ever come across. They deserve credit, recognition and all that they can get from this life……BECAUSE THEY’VE EARNED IT AND THEY CONTINUE TO EARN IT WITH HARD WORK EVERYDAY. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU

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