New Races And Old Friends

by altardy on July 20, 2010
















These are some photos from a 4.5 mile race a couple weeks ago in East Brookfield, Ma.. It was their 1st annual road race and funds raised by the races are going to different community events.

Part of the fun of going to alot of races is you get to not only meet new people but you start running into people you remember running with in other places. I am pictured with Val. If you have been staying in tune with my blogs, you might remember Val,s picture from a Fitchburg, Ma. race just a couple weeks before this one. She definitely knows about running through pain. The morning of this race she tore something in her foot, taped it up and ran through the pain.
Pictured you see a mom, dad and son. The son, Arleigh, won the race and recently won a cross country state title. When the race and all the awards were finished guess what I saw Arleigh do? The last I saw him he was running out of the school grounds, where the race was held, and was running home. Claire, Arleigh,s mom, has a very accomplished competing back round of her own that I will be writing about after I get all the details. Watch for their picture and her story soon.
The pic with 4 of us includes (l-r) Brad, whom I had a great time talking with during and after the race, myself, Steve, who ran a very memorable race in Worcester that I ran in last year, and Arleigh. Steve has held the 60’s age division, Steeple Chase National Title.
John and his daughter, Elizabeth, ran the race together. As a dad that has had the joy of running races with his daughter, I can understand how great it feels.
Then we have pictured the volunteers that put the event together. In the back row you have Karlene, Jen, Tom(main coordinator), and myself. In front of us at the electronic part of keeping everything in order are Lauren and Nicky. They did a great job and I know have set the ground work for future races. GREAT JOB FOLKS
It was a great day and the thunderstorms predicted for that day held off until about an hour after the race. So even Mother Nature was doing her part to help make the race a success.


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