They Were Everywhere

by altardy on August 2, 2010

At every road race I find that certain people stand out as the ones that everyone seems to count on for direction. Bethany was the first volunteer I met as I wandered the grounds where the 1st annual Steve Garon Memorial 5k was about to happen. She seemed to be everywhere during the pre-race and was the first person I first met as I crossed the finish line. I also saw her doing other things all day.

Greg (a true friend to Steve Garon) was the true moving force behind the organizing and putting on of the race. According to all those I talked to, he is a big competitor and organizer. These are two great attributes for planning a successful road race. He understood what was needed and what needed to be done to make all of us runners and walkers happy. As I looked around I kept seeing him, with his clip board, pointing and instructing everyone that needed to be directed to their next point. He did everything with enthusiasm, energy, and patience.

I know it took many more people than just Bethany and Greg to make the day successful, but, from what I saw they deserve great credit for their efforts that day. And I can honestly say I believe this race will continue to grow because of the the ground work that was laid for this first race. GREAT JOB

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