Man Of Steel And Velvet

by altardy on August 3, 2010

Steve Garon was a fire fighter (Deputy Chief) from Bellinham, Ma.. He went to sleep one day at the age of 52 and never woke up. He is pictured in the photo on the board with some of the written farewells by friends. Pictured with me is Steve’s widow, Claire. In talking to her and many of the people that were at the 1st annual Steve Garon Memorial 5k run/walk I realized that Steve had been a great man and shared his life with a great woman.

I sometimes go to 1st annual races with some apprehension because I travel sometimes 1-2 1/2 hours to a race with 10-15 other runners that show up that day. Every once in a while, however, I pick one that seems special. And, this race and day was one of those. There are 3 more entries after this one explaining the day.

Everyone I talked to about Steve reminded me of a book I read once. The book was titled “Man Of Steel And Velvet”. There are men who are willing to stand in the gap for anyone they know, without questions or the need for a “Thank You”. You can tell they are men of their their word along inner and outer strength. Then, their are men who have a softer side that allows people to trust and confide in them because it is seen in their eyes, which I’ve heard called the windows to our soul. In talking with anyone there that day you knew that Steve was one of the few men that come along that possess both.

All that I could hear as people talked about him was the love they felt for Steve. 300 people showed up in that little town for the first race in his honor. 300 in a first year is an overwhelming success to any race organizer. They usually, as in this case, happen because of the love held in people’s hearts for the person that is no longer with them.

Claire is truly a special lady who adored(s) her husband. She’s also a real trooper who could not thank the people around her enough for their support. She swelled with pride as she spoke of Steve and told me of the unbelievable tribute to her “man” that took place at the wake and funeral.

The monies raised at these races will go to the fire fighter’s organization and towards a scholarship to be given to a high school senior.

You need to put this race on your list for next year. It will be a race you will be proud to be a part of if you take a couple minutes to learn about it’s reason for being.

To all the people that day: I’m proud to have experienced you and proud of the love you are willing to show for a great lady and the man she lost.

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