Hero Amongst Us

by altardy on August 11, 2010

My daughter used to dance for the Boston Celtics. I went to many games and one of the non-game things that is done became a special item to me. At one point during the evening the organization recognizes a person for something very special they have done that might go un-noticed by most of the public. Many of the stories of what they had done, whose lives they may have saved, deeds that have helped society or individuals in some way, service to their conntry, and many other things really touched my heart. They were called “Heros Amongst Us”.

Observing these award ceramonies has made me a bit more observant of people doing great things that go unnoticed because they are not done for the recognition. I found one of those “Heros Amongst Us” in Ridgefield, Ct. on August 7th.

Barbara, owner of the Southwest Cafe in Ridgefield, Ct. is a “Hero Amongst Us”. This special lady understands the meaning of giving back to society. The Southwest Cafe serves tremendous food, has a great atmosphere and because of her hard work is doing well. Barbara, however does not take her success for granted and gives back to the community that supports her.

One way she does this is by organizing a road race to raise money to help support Sunrise Cottage. This is a home that takes care of people that are intellectually challenged and provides a nice setting for them to live. In listening to Barb talk about the great people that are there and how they are being helped, it is easy to tell that her heart is full of love and caring. She really enjoyed having some of the residents from Sunrise Cottage help during the awards ceremony as you can see in the 2nd picture. What a great way to give back to the community that has allowed her and her business to thrive.

The race was a wonderful happening that you will read more about in the next 2 entries and that you need to experience for yourself. Go to this race and meet this special lady. Help her help others and partake of the special things she brings to a 5k road race. “Thank You” Barbara for the race, the day, and setting an example by being a “Hero Amongst Us”.

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