There Was No Way To Have A Bad Day With These People To Meet

by altardy on August 17, 2010

Here are some more pictures of me with some of the folks that were at the Brewster, Ma.-Brew run on August 14th. I went 4 hours to run, but, these people made me feel like we had known each other forever and helped make the day a great story.
At the top I am with a group of people that were very important that day. I am with Howard, Colleen and Katie (Howard’s 2 daughters), Melissa, and Tippi. When the cups for the beer had run out Howard was nice enough to let me have one of his. Trying to hold and drink beer with my hands could have proved difficult. Thanks to him I didn’t drive 4 hours to make a fool of myself. The 4 beautiful ladies with us were some of the people pouring the beer that went into that cup. What a team the 6 of us became. What was really unique is that Katie has Bungi jumped in New Zealand exactly where my daughter and I are starting to make plans to go jump.
Bob and Angela were people that have been to enough other races that we know we have seen other at other races, but, we can’t figure out where. He runs about 60 races a year. And people think I’m a little extreme doing 25-30 a year!!!
Jeremy, Kent and I started talking because–well–because we had run the same race and we were drinking beer. Jeremy has run the Boston Marathon and is back on track to do a lot more races.
Wendy and Brad. Without Wendy’s guidance the day could have been a bust. I drove 4 hours to this race because I saw they had free kegs of carbs for the runners after the race. Well, I had finished and couldn’t find the carbs. Turns out that was because the tables were surrounded by MANY people. It was through her directions that I found the replenishing well. “Thank You”.
Cindy and Claire were the first people I ran into as I arrived at the race. Through them I was able to find out about the course, the run, and all the things that make showing up early worth learning before the crowd shows up.
The race in Brewster was a fun, light hearted day, and for me, all these people made it worth the long day of driving in the car.

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