Blue Skies, Sunshine, And A Lot Of Smiles

by altardy on September 13, 2010

Here are some more pics from the Sept. 4th Devin Kravitz Memorial 5k on Sept. 4th. With over 200 runners and walkers, along with a beautiful day, the people were smiling and happy and a friendly atmosphere settled in with the day.
Bob (top photo) was the first person I met. Turns out we live just a few miles from each other and have been to many of the same races. If you do any races you also might have been to some races that Bob has run. You see, the race Sept 4th was his 112th race this year. At the age of 66 he is definitely setting a pace we can all just marvel at.
Mike and I met because we both realized that we hide the keys to our vehicles in the same place when we get ready to race. And we swore each other to secrecy.
Bob and his son David got to share in the festivities of the day. I’m sure Bob is hoping and waiting for the day they run these races together.
Going somewhat on the same theme Carrie (black shirt) ran with her daughter Alicia. This was Alicia’s first race. If you’ve followed my entries you know the first race I ran with my daughter was such a great feeling. Congrats to both of you.
The “ALL IN BLUE” picture was one that just had to be taken. Especially when Elise, myself and Tracy parked our vehicles side by side. Our shirts matched the clear blue sky that showed up that day, bringing out the sunshine to warm the runners and the day.
“Thanks” for the smiles everyone. You truely helped make the day even brighter.

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