Devin Kravitz’s Memory Lives On

by altardy on September 13, 2010

The race I went to on Sept. 4th was a great way to start a Labor Day weekend. It was a story in itself. Stuart (top right) lost his son Devin at a very early age and has decided to use the tragedy as a reason to do something great for others. Look into the full details at . I could tell the minute I pulled into the parking lot who was in charge. As I told Stuart “He looked the most chaotic.”. As a person who is now organizing runs, I probably look the same on race day.
He was not alone, though, Roxanne and Amy and company worked hard to help Stuart put the event on and they all deserve a great “well done”. The race provided a great course, great refreshments, and great prizes. Mother Nature chipped in with a gorgeous day and kept the spirits high and Devin’s memory moving forward.
Check this race out as part of your next year’s Labor Day weekend plans.
“Thanks” for a great day. All the efforts are greatly appreciated.
There are a bunch more pictures from this race in the next entry. Check them out.

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