Horns, Badhabit,And A Run In The Park

by altardy on September 13, 2010

Labor Day brought me out to Brighton, Ma. for a 5k along the Charles River. I had only seen the Charles River from the drivers seat of my vehicle up to that day, so, I thought that a run beside the river would be a great way to celebrate the holiday.
As I searched for the race I saw a sweet looking lady wearing a pair of devil horns and a shirt that said “badhabit” on the front, in a parking lot. SO—-I turned in. HEY cut me some slack before you throw stones. She happened to be standing next to a sign that had a big 5K on it. Well, turns out Julie was standing there so she could direct people to where the registration booth and other info was. So the sweet looking lady, wearing horns, and a shirt that said “badhabit”pointed me in the right direction. Some how seems a bit ironic don’t you think?
Turns out the race was to help raise funds to support “badhabit productions” theatre and improv in Boston. Check them out at www.badhabitproductions.org . As you can see I was able to get a photo with Dan, myself, Julie, and Mary in their booth.
I also met Bill(?) #109. He is 69 years young and came in only a few seconds behind me.
I was able to talk with Michael from 3c race productions. They had put the race together for the theatre and did a great job.
I was also able to capture a photo of what I feel is a great thing. An entire family ran the race and I think that is just very cool. In the picture are (l-r) Zach, Chloe, Lisa, and Dave. I’m proud of what you represent—-Doing Things Together As A Family.
The run was a great “run in the park”. For me it was a site seeing run in a place I’d never been. This is one of the things that draws to a hobby that you can take anywhere.
I’m now putting going to this theatre on my “got to do” list, as you should. Also put this charming race in the park on your list for next year.
“THANKS” to all for a wonderful day on the Charles.

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