More Dick Atkinson Race 5K Photos

by altardy on September 27, 2010

Here are some more pics from the Dick Atkinson 5k on Sept. 18th.
On the top is Karen Provost doing massage on one of the runners. She was there until the last person was taken care of. You can contact her at .
Bob from Fast Feet, in West Springfield and Westfield, is a great friend who helps me with my running shoes. As a matter of fact, the shoes I’m wearing in the picture were bought from him. Great store and people.
Two new friends with me are Nick and Jared (152). They are classmates. Nick and I took traffic duty during the race and cheered Jared on as he passed by.
Natalina was telling me that her husband does the triathlon thing and she took up running just a few months ago. I just could let that smile go without getting a picture.
As you can see, while I was supposed to be on duty, I met 2 women that are training for their first 5k. Lori and Tami came out to cheer on the runners as they were passing by and keep me company. I always love to hear about people getting into the running world and I wish them great success.
The weather was wonderful. The turn out was great. The people were fantastic. And kid’s education will benefit from Lee Haseltine and his friends efforts. My hat’s off to you. Put this on your list for next years races, you’ll love it.

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