If You’ve Got Excuses– Dina Doesn’t Want To Hear Them

by altardy on September 28, 2010

Ok all you—MEN—that continue to talk about how great an athlete you “USED” to be, except, now all you have is excuses as to why you can’t get into shape. I don’t want to hear anymore of your excuses and neither does Dina. Dina has more guts and determination than all of you couch potatoes added together and multiplied by 1000. As you can see in the bottom photo I got to experience the 1st Annual Dick Atkinson 5K from a helper’s point of view. Nick and I were given yellow vests and told to “go play in traffic”. “And since we were in the traffic” we were asked to direct it while the runners were running past.

Fortunately, while in the traffic, I had my camera with me and was able to photo the largest stroller full of kids I have ever seen in a race. Check the stroller out!!! You can see that there was a child in every seat. And Dina wasn’t walking with this loaded stroller–she was running. Just ask all the people she beat. They could tell you she was running. I am PROUD of you Dina.

I was able to get a picture of the whole team after the race. Top l-r, Gino, Dina, and Brett. The passengers l-r Kina, Kian, and Lila. I have already seen them at another race since this one. I’m hoping the kids are signed up on a frequent flyer program. These truly are some great people to get to know. Brett, who is a fire fighter, and I are already talking about putting on a race. I think I know a woman and her kids that will be rolling down the streets in that race, too.

The Dick Atkinson Race was a great time and race. It was easy yo tell that the race was put on by runners and “the coach”. Everything was just right. Great Job To All That Helped.

There are pictures from this race in the next entry. Check out some more of the folks that were there.

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