Lisa And A Guy Pulling A Wagon?????

by altardy on October 5, 2010

You met Lisa in the last entry and your probably wondering why she’s pictured again next to a picture with a man pulling a wagon with 2 kids in it??? The man pulling the wagon is Lisa’s dad and one of the kids is Lisa’s daughter!!! Murdock said he had to stop at a water stop only because the kids were thirsty. I’ve known Lisa for about a year and have/am working on projects with her. I know her to be strong willed, determined, hard working, a get things done kind of person. I now think I know where some of that personality comes from. Lisa is also the mother of 2 kids and has a wonderfully sweet and loving nature to her, which explains why she is such a warrior for people with Autism and a real blessing to the Flutie Foundation.

You should also know Murdock did an 8 mile climb up a mountain the day before this race.

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