More Pics From Great Island 5K

by altardy on October 11, 2010

Here are more pics from the Oct. 10th Great Island 5k. Steve (#1281) ran the 5k with his daughter.In this picture he is waiting to cheer her on while she was participating in the kids races after she completed the 5k. As you know, if you’ve followed my writing, I feel any time you can enjoy doing things with your kids is a blessing.
Paula was the first person I saw when I first arrived in New Castle. She parked next to me and went for a run. Since we were both 2 hours early I thought she was getting in a run before the race runners started to arrive. I thought she would then leave so she wouldn’t have to deal with the crowd. WRONG!!! She finished HER run and then ran the race. She’s only been running a short time but has obviously jumped right in whole heartily. I’m proud of you Paula.
Joe was the 2nd person I met that day and one of the last before I left. He was smiling before and after the race As well as being a great conversationalist he just seemed happy to meet people, like me, from out of the area.
The Great Island 5k welcomed kids participation with open arms. There were races for kids under 2 and different age brackets up to 14. The picture of a group of runners is actually about 25 kids as they started a 3/10 of a mile circle. The little girl, in the final picture, ran 2 laps carrying her tiger. How cool is that.
The people, the day, the setting, and the friendly spirit of the area made traveling 2 1/2 hours more than worth the trip. “Thank you everyone” for sending me home with some great memories. Please feel free to stay in touch as maybe we will meet again and be able to exchange some running stories.
Anyone who has not run this race should put it on your list, as all aspects of it are worth taking in.

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