Great People In A Great Place…Meet Some Of Them

by altardy on October 12, 2010

You’ve seen some of the great scenery from the Great Island 5k. Now meet some of the great people that I met while there.
Kate is a very great runner in her own right. She is pictured with me and her 2 daughters, Emily and Annie(1267). I first noticed Kate first way through the course. She was one of the volunteers and was shouting great encouragements to all the runners. When I talked to her back at the finish area she talked a bit about her running back round, but couldn’t wait to have me meet her two daughters, of whom she was so proud. She told me of their training and was a proud mom, an encourager, and a cheer leader. Both Emily and Annie received awards for their efforts that day. “Congratulations ladies”.
Bruce and Kylie not only ran the race, they worked tables during pre-race registrations. In my book it is great to support the cause by running, but donating your time is sometimes greater. Doing both….PRICELESS.
Shannon(1204) and Karen had a great day of running and festivities at the race. However, they admitted they couldn’t have done as well if it wasn’t for having their support team, Kayla.
You might be wondering why I have a picture of a nun in this write up about a run??? Look at the last picture. The nun ran the race!!!! And if you look close you will see that these are the clothes she was wearing. She not only finished with a very respectable time, but, I’ll bet she beat alot of people wearing their $100.00, specially designed, equipped with the newest technology running shirt and shorts. It’s who’s in the clothes that matters, not the clothes one is wearing.
There are more pictures of the fantastic people I met in New Castle in the next entry. What a great place and a great bunch of people were there that day.

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