The Kids Were The Overall Winners

by altardy on November 1, 2010

What a great time it was at the 1st Annual Headquarters Bar and Grill Race. The organizers had only 6 weeks to put the race together and they raised money for the Shriners Hospital.

I met Carl (Shriner) and we have started talks on how I might be able to do a 100 mile run for the hospitals.
Kerry has a great smile and had a great day of running as she took the honors of the fastest woman runner of the day.
Two great friends were there. Dave (blue “Ollie Race”shirt) took 3rd place and Lee, who took 2nd place. As you can see we were carrying on the well known medical fact related to running and carbo loading.
Barry ran his first race ever and had to be talked into it by Kim. She ran well and Barry in his first ever race took 1st place overall. I expressed that she should get a percentage of the generous gift certificate that he recieved from The Headquarters.
The day was beautiful and the race was great. And the winner overall was the children at the Shriners Hospital.

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