Great People–Great Atmosphere–Oh Yeah

by altardy on May 15, 2011

This is the atmosphere I thrived in back in high school and college.  Some day I’ll explain my transition to long distance running. The feel of the track.  The “scoping out” of the competition.  Starting guns and comorodery of a track team. The individual performance and the team tightness is what I miss being an ultra distance runner.  This track meet and these people were great to experience again.

Andy competed in the 400 meter. His parents Anna and Matt were there cheering from the stands and at track side.  When I competed in high school track (I truly do not like the phrase “back in my day”), we were lucky to have ANYONE come to watch.  The world of running that has developed where parents are their son’s and daughter’s biggest cheer leaders, participating (sometimes) in their training and COME TO WATCH AND CHEER is such a great thing in my eyes. 

Then I met Mike, Tom, and Charlie.  Listening to them converse about that day’s run and their past track meets gave me more of what I came for. 

Come to these meets.  Participate or watch, which ever, you will enjoy the time spent there.  

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