Don’t Miss The Next Worcester Pub Run–Here Are More Pics From That Great Race

by altardy on May 24, 2011

I could have taken pictures all day and you would see that we all were having a wonderful time.  This is the spirit I love about the road races.  People coming from all over, most of whom never met before, enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories and a day in all our lives.

Scott, myself and  Tom leaned up against the open windows of the pub and talked while enjoying a rare day of sunshine in the spring of 2011. 

Ashley ran a seriosly great time in the race and we talked for quite a while after  about her great running day.

Krista and Lisa I only met  for a short time after, as was the case with Dave,  but we all talked and enjoyed the time like we had known aech other for ages.

If I didn’t see you at this race–you missed an absolutely great race and a chance to try a very different and fun run.  There will be another Worcester Pub Run later tthis year.  Cancel everything you have planned that day and run, walk, skip, whatever way you want to tour the course.  You will have one of the best times you’ve had in a long time.       

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